David C.

Redwood Shores

Mike’s remodeling job in our home did not start with a hammer or a saw, it started with Mike’s imagination and vision for how to transform a dull wood-paneled attic space used for storage into a lively urban get-away in our own home. We only had a notion that the space could be improved, but Mike knew how to make the cabinets useful and attractive, and to pick other finishing touches from the carpet to the paint and the lighting. Now we have a fun living space where we have hosted foreign exchange students and where we can find a quiet pleasant space in our own home to relax, read or meditate. I’d hire Mike again the next time we want to transform part of our home to improve it.

Chang-Zheng C.

Stanford, CA

This was my first experience with MCB Remodeling. We are selling our house and need a licensed contractor to estimate the cost of fixing water damage under the kitchen counter. We tried to contact many contractors and most did not want to come for such a small job. Michael was very responsive and came to our house at the end of his working day. He is easygoing, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and very reasonable. I am more than satisfied and would definitely work with him in our future remodeling projects.

Melissa G.

Redwood City, CA

I had the pleasure of meeting with Mike of MCB Remodeling last week regarding a deck project. He was warm, very knowledgeable, and didn't make me feel like my project was too small. He showed up promptly and was responsive to every  phone call. Plus, he really brightened up my day when he offered up a solution to a bathroom lighting problem I'd been having.  I truly hope we have the chance to use MCB Remodeling on our future projects.

Judith M.

San Francisco, CA

Mike does such a fantastic job.   He is really detail oriented and an incredible craftsman, and offers many helpful suggestions - a great addition to any design and construction team.  He also understands how important good communication is.  We are working with him on a fairly complex remodeling project and could not be happier.

Mike D.

Belmont, CA

Michael Howes is an incredible contractor. When you have a contractor in your house, you want to be able to still live your life. He understands this and goes out of his way to make you feel safe and comfortable. His work is first class!

Terri E.

Mike Howes (MCB Remodeling) is fantastic! Here’s one contractor who is responsive and GREAT at what he does. None of that ” I’ll call you when” and then never does…he calls and does what he says he will do. He is on time, very competent, communicates well and his work is complete and done right the first time! This is the second job Mike has done for me and each time, he was on time, explained what was needed and then completed the job well – just a total pleasure to work with. Would highly recommend Mike to everyone!

Dave G.

Cupertino, CA

Mike Howes (MCB Remodeling) quickly figured out what was wrong with the large fan in my family room and what caused it to go bad (wobble). He ordered the part and came back and fixed it the day the part arrived. He was competent and thorough in his work, taking the time to make sure the fan would circulate at its highest speed before finishing the job. I would and will hire him again in the future.

Personal Assistant

Woodside, CA

Michael and his team are caring and accommodating. It is of their utmost concern to fulfill the vision of the project. They are simply "good people".

Prospective Clients

Emerald Hills, CA

We very much enjoyed meeting you both -- we loved the time we spent with you, and you were so patient with us as first-time home remodelers. We really appreciate your careful review and explanations you gave us. We learned so much, and it really helped us improve the plans.


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